We know, @SCROBLE is ahead the time. For some. ⁠For us and for all who already discovered and joined us, we are right in time💫⁠We are also right in time for all those who need a new perspective and future for their stores and want to be part of the bigger #change⁠ in #fashion and it’s #retail.⁠⁠☝️ For the first time ever and anywhere on this globe, an independent #technology building the bridge between #online and #offline shopping for all parties – brands, stores, and users -and offering solutions and the advantages of both spaces on the fingertips.⁠⁠We are so proud to officially announce the beginning of the #piloting stage which will start on the 19th of August. ⁠This stage includes the releases of both beta versions of the SCROBLE app on Android and Apple platforms 📲🧥⁠⁠👩‍💻 200 test users, 17 brands, and 10 retail points are going to be involved in the unprecedented testing in #Luxembourg which will last until the end of September. ⁠⁠Time changes so many areas of our life 🕰️⁠#SCROBLE set the goal to transform retail as we know it: working together for collective #solutions through technology.⁠