How SCROBLE technology can help stylists? Exploring professional processes with SOFIA TSAPRAZI

Interview by Anna Salewski, Founder & CEO

Sofia, can you tell us more about yourself? What’s your background?

I have undertaken Fashion and Personal Styling degrees in London and Los Angeles, but in essence I grew up into a 100% fashion environment thanks to my father’s work: he owned a fashion production unit in Athens. I certainly learned a lot at London College of fashion and at School of Style, but fashion was running through my veins since my childhood.

That’s why I love fashion both as pure art and as applied art, as in design – I can talk about fashion and styling for hours! It doesn’t feel like work to me, I work in fashion full time now and really enjoy the ride. Being positive and solution-oriented as a character, I apply my vision of creating beauty and helping people looking their best with my work as a Personal and Fashion Stylist and that’s why it works wonders!

What was your journey to become a stylist?

My story started 20 years ago when my father launched his small clothes production unit. Since I remember myself I am surrounded by clothes, fabrics, mannequins, outfits, patterns and all these really triggered my interest.

I was always dreaming of become a fashion designer, but life decided otherwise and instead of a fashion designer degree I ended up with a finance degree! My career in finance was very successful, but it didn’t keep me from going back to my real passion, fashion styling. Being creative is what I love and I can't imagine doing anything else.

Tell us about the styling process. How does it work?

As a personal stylist my ultimate goal is to be fully dedicated and devoted to the customer’s needs. My aim is to get the perfect outfit for an upcoming event right, or to create the ideal office wardrobe for my clients. A personal stylist is not a sales person, so there’s no pressure to buy anything – we can also be creative with what you already own!

A bit more about the actual process; during our first meeting, we will have a heart to heart and fun-filled discussion about your lifestyle preferences, body features and goals to give me first-hand knowledge of what matters to you and help me to interpret it visually in a fashion look. This will allow me to plan our shopping spree in advance, so that we spent our time together efficiently. I will do a field research of shops and outfits, where I will find all the pieces that are perfect for your style and body type.

In our second meeting, guess what? Your shopping experience is on and it’s going to be fun! We will shop together by visiting pre-selected stores. That means that I will have chosen the looks in advance; on the big day the only thing you will have to do is try outfits on – there’s no time to waste.

How will SCROBLE technology help you?

First of all, thank you for letting me get a sneak peak of SCROBLE before its official launch! What a great solution; It’s going to help me in various ways – I think SCROBLE will become my best friend and the same goes for my clients!

Fist of all, I will spend less time ingoing pointlessly in and out all the stores looking for relevant items. SCROBLE will give me an overview of the sizes and styles available in the shops through the app beforehand.

When it comes to virtual styling, my job will become much easier and efficient, as the app can locate the stores closest to my client’s location and this will optimize the shopping experience.

Friends, clients and business partners are always asking me what my clients look like before and after, what’s my style in fashion. As confidentiality is a big thing for me, I am bound to never share my client’s photos, never ever! So thanks to this incredible app called SCROBLE, I will be able to create the final styles on avatars AND share them! Hence my clientele’s personal information stays well protected.

In my case, I indulge to the real fashion experience as opposed to the virtual one whenever I can. I prefer to feel the textures and make my clients try on clothes. So, where I really can count on SCROBLE is to guide me through the pre-selection phase. In that phase, I need to choose according to styles, colors, sizes and having an overview of what is available in the stores is a life saver! For instance, judging from the data SCROBLE is giving me, I might need to skip shops that have no relevant stock for my client.

Plus, there is a big advantage in making moodbords of shoppable items for my clients; it will be incredibly useful to be able to see and play with garments digitally knowing that they are ready to purchase in your area.

All in all, I think that SCROBLE is the ultimate tool for all stylists! It brings efficiency in our work and I can’t wait to use it every day!




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