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Next-gen social fashion app SCROBLE combines the best of online and in-store shopping to create a new retail experience for buyers and brands

• User-centric app brings digital to in-store shopping, re-inventing the shopping experience
• Shoppers can search, scan and save their fashion discoveries anywhere, share and connect with the SCROBLE community over their passion
• Disruptive technology brings Big Data, Omnichanneling and Social Shopping to fashion retail
• Comprehensive data facilitates deeper relationships between brands, retailers, and buyers
• More sustainable fashion, less overproduction thanks to deep insights into customers journeys

Luxembourg, 19 January 2022. — SCROBLE, a next-generation social fashion app conceived in Luxembourg, completed its beta testing and is now available on Apple and Google Play Stores. The app seamlessly merges online and in-store shopping, enabling them to easily search for, organize and share their fashion discoveries, thereby re-inventing the retail buying experience. With the app as the highly intuitive user interface, SCROBLE offers the world’s first user-centric data and retail platform that delivers a real mobile phygital shopping experience.

With SCROBLE, shoppers discover new brands, spot new outfits, like or share them and save them in their digital wardrobes. This is done by turning the brands’ products into digital assets—no matter if they saved them from the brands’ profile in the app or scanned corresponding codes on items in a fashion store on high street. Inside the app, users can create new trendy fashion sets, and share them with their style peers, friends or family. They can curate products for others or save them on their personal wish lists for later—in case they are still unsure about buying. Thereby, shoppers can access the items they like anytime, and the app will show them the local stores or online sources where to purchase it. SCROBLE also enables buyers to instantly connect to community members and personalize the shopping journey.

“Brick and mortar retail stores had a hard time in recent years”, says SCROBLE founder and CEO Anna Salewski. “We want to make in-store shopping more exciting, interactive and efficient, bringing the current state in retail to another level of functionality. Because even with the convenience of online shopping, most people still desire to experience fashion life. Having everything at your fingertips is nice, but nothing beats actually touching the products. By simplifying and re-inventing the buying experience and bringing digital to in-store shopping, we create this seamless phygital retail world. SCROBLE will enhance the online shopping experience, but also bring people back to their local stores.”

With its Business Intelligence Platform, SCROBLE furthermore offers fashion brands and retailers a direct-to-customer (D2C) data, marketing and retailing channel—creating new ways to interact with customers, and giving businesses totally new insights around the product journeys and lifecycles based on the corresponding user activities. This data has never been available to the brands before. Additionally, SCROBLE is able to capture the user activity from in-store, which makes these analytics unprecedented and complete in understanding the consumer behavior towards products.

Using these newly accessible data and AI, SCROBLE is at the same time also able to help brands eliminate over-production while optimizing their supply chain resulting in increased profitability and sustainability. Based on all these features, SCROBLE is a leading example of advancing today’s important fashion retail trends, like Big Data, Omnichanneling and Social Shopping.

Founded by Anna Salewski, SCROBLE has opened its business platform for international
brands in summer 2021 and acquired very fast more than 50 selected national and international mostly sustainable fashion brands to join the open beta launch of the SCROBLE app in Luxembourg, where the digital in-store experience can be tested within several local shops. Among the forward-thinking brands joining SCROBLE are Marion Ayonote, Stephanie Santos, Seveneleven, Ethereal London, Antoninias, Aqua&Rock and many others. After the open beta stage, SCROBLE plans to launch in several European countries already this year.


SCROBLE re-invents the retail environment by creating a dynamic, data-driven end-to-end ecosystem, delivering a seamless consumer journey by bridging the gap between online and in-store shopping. With the world’s first user-centric data & retail platform, SCROBLE creates a mobile phygital shopping experience. Based in Luxembourg, the young company enables users to access, save, share and connect with product content digitally anywhere, at any time. With its app and business platform, SCROBLE captures unique consumer patterns, channeling them into unprecedented product lifecycle data analytics. By harnessing the power of data, SCROBLE aims at the same time to eliminate the fashion industry’s overproduction while optimizing the retail supply chain.

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