FAQ Test Users

What is the SCROBLE Technology?

SCROBLE is an absolutely new concept on how Users can interact with Fashion products, Fashion Brands and Retailers. SCROBLE introduces a World's first Mobile Interaction Technology for Retail. Users will be able to interact with troducts anywhere and at any time just with a single interface - their mobile phone.

Why are we doing SCROBLE Piloting?

Because there is nothing similar to SCROBLE was ever existing before and we want to gain the understanding whether SCROBLE business model and technology can improve the performance and sustainability of fashion.

Why are we making these Test User tests?

We want to gain a direct feedback from real test users on whether our technology is going to help improving the shopping process and product discovery by making it more exciting and effective.

What is your role as a Test User?

Your role is to assess the new functionalities of the User-Product centric retail trying our core technological features. We are not testing the usability of the mobile application.

Why do we need to test SCROBLE Technology in this way?

Because we want to rely on the feedback from real test users.

What is SCROBLE piloting?

SCROBLE is a World wide new concept for the User-centric and Product-centric Retail. SCROBLE has united over 20 local enterprises in Fashion and Retail as well as about 200 test Users to test our first features and the fundamentals of the entire SCROBLE business model and technology. We call this entire rocess "SCROBLE piloting".

What are SCROBLE's Test User tests?

SCROBLE's Test User tests are those tests which our test users perform with our mobile application. This includes the direct product search functions, scanning of the digital garments, D2C marketing, Wardrobe functions and some others. The function of the digital garment scanning will happen in one of our partner retail store in Luxembourg.

Will be the Results of the Testing Stage available to me?

Yes, if you have agreed to receive our test results while submitting our onboarding form.

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