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Online shopping is trendy, but people still love to buy offline, where they are less available to communicate with the brand. However, many buyers visit offline stores and then order this item online. This causes an imbalance in its own difficult conditions for the online and offline retail. Scroble is the essential ‘can’t-live-without-it’ tool you didn’t know you needed until now.

Our platform organize, connect and enable deep consumer relationships and broad-ranging connections between all members of the community. 


The current landscape does not provide consumers, brands or retailers essential content, data and ecommerce solutions to meet the realistic needs of the modern shopping experience. Our tool resolves this problem for all members and stakeholders within the retail value chain.  

Today’s consumers need to make informed decisions ongarment pricing, sizing, location availability and sustainability index of both brand and point-of-sale. The consumer needs to not only acquire this information quickly – but have the capacity to store and share in one place.

Shopping increasingly exists at an intersection of user experience both on and offline. We need a tool to seamlessly connect these worlds and intuit the end-users desires, based on informed data decisions.


The “buy now” pressure of the old school retail experience is no longer working. We need something that goes further than simply ‘over-the-counter’ or ‘eCommerce’. We need the connective tissue that binds all elements.

• Retail shops are closed when we want to visit them due to the working hours

• Desorganised online/offline commercial experience

• Lack of intelligent garment data – including brands, stores, geolocations and pricing.

• The ways to share our interest, passion or purchase with our digital community are limited.

These are by far not all problems.

Our technology help to solve them.