The Run Behind Fashion Consumer Needs: Digitalising Old Concepts

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by Anna Salewski, Founder & CEO, 19.10.2019

Part 2

The ever-increasing demands of contemporary consumers are more than challenging. Brands and retailers need to keep up with new concepts to remain profitable. As seen previously, multiple consumer wishes remain unsatisfied. Some have already been addressed by startups and innovators, and others are still waiting to be realised — especially when it comes to offline shopping. READ MORE

SCROBLE Connects Online And Offline Shopping Experiences


Silicon Luxembourg, 27.09.2019

Meet SCROBLE, a startup that has decided to digitize the bricks-and-mortar shopping experience. Anna Salewski, the founder and CEO of SCROBLE tells all in this quick interview.


Do We Need Aliens to Redefine Fashion? 

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by Anna Salewski, Founder & CEO, 09.09.2019

Part 1

It all began with a question: “Why do I need to spend hours, even days to find the clothes I want?” Am I so demanding, or do I simply have no access to information that would help me make a fast and educated shopping decision? Well, the journey to find a satisfactory answer took a while  —  five years to be precise. READ MORE