Scroble, la mode maligne… et vertueuse! Paperjam.

Une cinquantaine de marques participent dès son lancement à l’application de Scroble, sortie cette semaine. L’aventure facilite la vie des fashionistas et autres amateurs de fringues, de sapes et de pièces collector. Mais elle a un intérêt stratégique pour les vendeurs. «97% des clients sortent d’un magasin de vêtements les mains vides.» À partir de […]

New Digital Dimension for Fashion Shopping with SCROBLE app

PRESS RELEASE NEW DIGITAL DIMENSION FOR FASHION SHOPPING Next-gen social fashion app SCROBLE combines the best of online and in-store shopping to create a new retail experience for buyers and brands • User-centric app brings digital to in-store shopping, re-inventing the shopping experience• Shoppers can search, scan and save their fashion discoveries anywhere, share and […]


PRESS RELEASE SCROBLE launches the world’s first fashion retail platform dedicated to meeting shoppers’ demands, brand marketing and sales strategies anywhere and at any time. SCROBLE launches the onboarding stage of the very first end-to-end platform for the phygital fashion retail journey. The revolutionary tool enables brands to access new, ultimate product performance analytics, create […]

SCROBLE rend le «phygishopping» à la mode. PAPERJAM

Anna Salewski - Founder and CEO of SCROBLE

La CEO de Scroble, Anna Salewski, réunira dans son écosystème les deux univers du shopping, celui qui va d’une boutique à une autre, et celui qui va d’un site internet à un autre site internet. Avec les bénéfices de ce mélange inédit pour les amateurs de shopping et les marques qui leur courent derrière. Anna Salewski a […]

Fashion Reloaded – Adjusting the Focus within Sustainability with New #DeepData

Part 5 We all know that the fashion industry involves highly sensitive consumer behaviour with a lot of implications, as demonstrated in my previous articles. There are so many consumer journeys shared through different channels, and a lot of aspects influence the decision-making process, including the constantly evolving trends and styles. Running behind this ever-changing […]

“SCROBLE – revolutionizes shopping!”

Our Founder & CEO Anna Salewski was talking to Connect for their latest edition. She talked about SCROBLE concept and the advantages of the new technology for fashion retail. Thank you very much Clc – Confédération luxembourgeoise du commerce for this cool feature! Read the full interview here:


We know, @SCROBLE is ahead the time. For some. ⁠For us and for all who already discovered and joined us, we are right in time????⁠We are also right in time for all those who need a new perspective and future for their stores and want to be part of the bigger #change⁠ in #fashion and it’s #retail.⁠⁠☝️ For the first time […]

Saving Retail And The New App Revolutionising In-Store Data To Do So. FORBES.

We are so thrilled and proud to be featured on Forbes with SCROBLE and our unprecedented piloting stage in Luxembourg! We want to Thank Victoria Collins for the opportunity to talk about our unique saas retail innovation, closing the gap between online & offline shopping in a new user-centric way and the overall high need for a breakthrough #innovation for #fashion! Read the full article here:…/saving-retail-and-the-new…/…

Opening The Unknown Door to the Future of Fashion

Part 4 This article, a continued explanation on how and why the current fashion business model is going to fail was ready by 15 March. In my mind, I was playing scenarios with many different aspects (partly described in my previous articles), but in light of the current happenings related to COVID-19, some of these […]

Diving Into the Absence of Relevant Data in Fashion.

Part 3 What does data have to do with fashion? Does fashion generally need data if it is mostly about converting the designer’s visions into wearable clothes? In my previous articles, I concluded that the sweeping transformation of consumer expectations and behaviour towards clothes has increased consumers’ expectations of fashion brands. And since modern fashion […]

Chasing Fashion Consumer Needs: Digitalising Old Concepts

Part 2 The ever-increasing demands of contemporary consumers are far more than challenging. It is indispensable for fashion brands and retailers to keep up with the latest and create new concepts to remain profitable. While some are addressed by start-ups and innovators, other consumer wishes still await materialisation;   especially when it comes to offline shopping. […]

FashionTech Startup SCROBLE Connects Online And Offline Shopping Experiences

Meet SCROBLE, a startup that has decided to digitize the bricks-and-mortar shopping experience. Anna Salewski, the founder and CEO of SCROBLE tells all in this quick interview. by: Silicon Luxembourg photo: Anna Damini / SCROBLE featured: Anna Salewski Tell us about your startup. We are hoping to start a retail revolution that will reinvent the bricks-and-mortar […]

Do we need aliens to redefine fashion?

Part 1 It all began with a question: “Why do I need to spend hours, even days to find the clothes I want?” Am I so demanding, or do I simply have no access to information that would help me make a fast and educated shopping decision? Well, the journey to find a satisfactory answer took […]